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Shampoo for Head Lice
There are many different types of shampoo for getting rid of lice and some of them may be more appropriate than others. Before a lice shampoo is used, you should be 100% confident that you (or your children) definitely have lice. If there are no live eggs or lice spotted on the head then you should monitor the situation closely - but this should mean that you do not have a lice infestation. For more information visit our how to tell if you have lice page. With most types of shampoo for lice, it is still recommended that you use a nit comb as the lice will still need extracting from the hair, as will any dead eggs. Below we detail some of the shampoo options and the ingredients used.

Best Shampoo for Lice
You will be able to buy shampoo for lice with natural ingredients in and also those that contain insecticides. As lice can become resistant to certain insecticides, it is recommended that a non-insecticide shampoo is used first. If you visit your local doctor or GP for advice they may recommend a certain type of shampoo that is proven to work on lice outbreaks in your area. Shampoo for lice with insecticides is not commonly appropriate for use on young children or with women who are breast feeding or pregnant. If you are buying a treatment shampoo over the counter ensure that you are familiar with the ingredients and any harm they could cause. Some types of shampoo may cause more skin irritation, affect those who suffer from eczema or asthma and be flammable.

Natural Shampoo for Lice
Some of the popular non-insecticide shampoo products include Dimethicone (a non irritating silicon oil said to eliminate eggs, adult lice and nits) which makes the hair slippery (e.g. Full Mark's, LiceMD). Other shampoo for lice may include natural ingredients such as citronella, ginger, rosemary, lavender, chamomile, tea tree, lemongrass, peppermint oil, thyme, pennyroyal, sage and eucalyptus. How effective and successful these types of shampoo may be will differ per situation however a lot of people would rather opt to go down the 'natural' route before covering their head in insecticides. Using a natural shampoo will also not limit the amount of times you use it. No matter which shampoo you choose, you will still need to use a nit comb to get the lice out of the hair.

Shampoo for Lice

lice shampoos
Shampoo for Lice Treatment
If you have tried natural shampoos and nothing seems to be working then there are several insecticide based products that you could use. Malathion (e.g. Ovide), Pyrethrin (e.g. RID), Phenothrin, Permethrin (e.g. NIX) and Lindane are some of the insecticides that can be found in lice shampoos. These types of shampoo have different toxicity levels and it is important these are understood, plus any directions that come with the product are followed carefully (some are alcohol based and others water based). Not every shampoo will kill un-hatched eggs and most will require at least two applications (7 days apart). Some general things to consider are Pyrethrin and Permethrin both have natural chrysanthemum plant components, so maybe avoid these if you are allergic, Malathion products can be flammable and Lindane is highly toxic (and doesn't kill the lice eggs).



Shampoo for Lice For Children
Not everyone believes that repellent shampoos work, but any preventative methods for avoiding lice infestations is a good idea. Once you have a nit comb (fine-toothed) you could examine you and your child from on a regular basis throughout the year to ensure the scalp and hair is clear. There are always new and improved lice shampoo competition springing up from time to time, so it is always a good idea to seek professional advice about which shampoo is proven to work and cause the least amount of irritation. School nurses and local clinics will usually have a range of shampoo products to suggest, depending on the severity of your problem so it may be worth asking them which shampoo you should use.

Anti Lice Shampoo for kids
Thousands of people search to find out about different types of parasites and how to treat them with shampoo. Fortunately there are so many products available on line, you should be able to find what you want without too much of a problem. We hope that you have found this article on shampoos for the louse a useful guide and that any questions you may have had have been answered. You will find that this website is a great resource, whether you are looking to learn more, purchase related products or just seek some quiet information. Men, women and children are all affected by these parasites and we hope you have located the treatment you may need, be it a comb, lotion, cream, medication or shampoo. Treatments and  remedies should be sought after quickly and if you have crabs you should seek medical advice so they cannot be spread or infect others.

Shampoo for Lice

Coconut Shampoo for Lice

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