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There are lots of head lice combs for sale on-line and at most drug stores and pharmacies. Designs and sizes differ depending on brand however all  lice combs are designed for the same purpose and that is to help get rid of lice ('bug busting'). Lice combs are popular amongst those who do not wish to use lotions, creams and insecticides in their hair or the hair of their children. Lice combs are great tools to have at home if you have a large family, lots of young children, are a teacher or anyone else who is in close contact with children (mainly ages 3-12) as the risk of getting lice is greater. No matter what products you choose or have prescribed by your GP/nurse to treat nits/lice, combs are still needed to help thoroughly remove lice, eggs and nits.

Best Lice Combs
Some lice combs have proven to be better than others, so you may need to look on forums or ask family and friends if they can suggest a particular brand that you can buy locally, for a fair price. One of the many combs (Nitty Gritty), pictured above, was awarded the family friendly award by the Daily Telegraph. As lice are such a common problem these days you should find that most high street medical shops will provide a range of combs so you could ask the shop which is most popular. There are plastic lice combs, metal combs and electric combs - all to assist with ridding your head of lice. Compared with normal combs, lice combs are tightly packed with fine teeth so that they can easily draw any nits out of the hair. Some lice combs also have grooves in the teeth to help with the removing and it's the metal combs which are said to be best.

Using Lice Combs
When you have bought your lice comb and are ready to use it, there are some general things that may help. Most lice combs will come with directions on how to use them, but helpful accessories to accompany non-electric combs, will include a bright light (or torch), a magnified glass, a towel, conditioner/oil, a bowl of hot soapy water and a comfortable chair for whoever is to be checked for lice. If you are checking children for head lice, a thorough examination will take more than 15 minutes per head so it's a good idea to place the chair in front of the TV so they have something to watch. If it's a hot summer's day some may be tempted to check outdoors, but remember magnified glass and sun can be dangerous together, so care and attention should be taken.

Best Lice Combs

comb for lice
Before preparing to use non-electric lice combs, the hair should be washed with every day shampoo, damp-dried (not wet, but not dry) and a small amount of conditioner applied to the hair. The hair should be combed with a normal comb to get rid of any tangles/knots and then the nit detection can take place. Remember that any ordinary combs or brushes will need to be cleaned or thrown away afterwards to avoid re-infestation. Position the seat so it's in a comfortable place and put a bowl of hot soapy water within arms reach. Take the lice comb and starting at the scalp (where most lice eggs will be found), draw the comb away from the head the entire length of the hair and inspect the comb for lice, eggs or nits. Clean the comb in the soapy water and repeat the process, covering the whole head in small sections. What is found will determine the severity of the lice problem and will allow you to decide if further treatment is needed.



It may be necessary to repeat the process over a number of days so that you can monitor if the situation is improving or worsening. You should ensure that all apparatus and combs, clothes, towels, etc are thoroughly washed. Laundry should be washed and dried on a high temperature, whilst drowning combs for a long period and cleaning them with detergent will ensure all lice are off. The bowl of soapy water can be poured down the drain or toilet. If you do purchase one of the many different electric lice combs, then follow the instructions with the product carefully. For information on other treatments and prevention methods, click back to our homepage and navigate to some of our other pages.

Thousands of people search to find out about different types of parasites combs and how combs work. Fortunately there are so many louse products available on line, you should be able to find what you want without too much of a problem. We hope that you have found this article a useful guide and that any questions you may have had have been answered. You will find that this website is a great resource, whether you are looking to learn more, purchase lice-related products or just seek some quiet information. Men, women and children are all affected by these parasites and we hope you have located the treatment you may need, be it a comb, lotion, cream, medication or shampoo. Treatments and remedies should be sought after quickly and if you have pubic-lice you should seek medical advice so they cannot be spread or infect others.

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