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There are many different types of head lice comb that you can buy on-line or from your local pharmacy or drug store. With so many brands, the style, designs and sizes differ however they are all intended for the same purpose and that is to detect/locate and remove head lice. A head lice comb remains a popular method of louse removal amongst those who do not wish to use chemicals or insecticides on their head and for those that don't mind, a head lice comb is a useful tool to have nonetheless. Also known as a nit or detection comb, they are good to have around the house, certainly if you have young children, as they can be regularly used to perform checks and to keep lice infestations at bay.

There are certain styles of head lice comb which are reportedly better than others, so if you are looking to buy one then a metal comb is meant to be better than a plastic one. For help choosing the actual brand, you may be able to get unbiased views from friends or family, or forums for that matter. Whichever you choose, do not pay over the odds for your head lice comb as they can be picked up cheaply at most places. A head lice comb such as the one in the above picture can be picked up free along with one of the popular sprays, however there will be better metal equivalents that may be more suitable (which you can buy separately). It may also be useful to ask your local doctor's surgery/GP as they will be at the forefront shall any new designs come on to the market.

A head lice comb is usually necessary even if you have other types of treatment at hand (unless you'd rather use your fingers or tweezers?). A head lice comb is useful in drawing lice and eggs out of the hair in one movement, so they can be disposed of. Therefore, when using treatments such as shampoos, lotions, creams or sprays, you will also find an accompanying head lice comb invaluable. The head lice comb will differ from your everyday comb/brush as it will have fine (sometimes grooved) teeth that are closely packed together so that any lice or dirt or eggs in the hair can be extracted much more easily. If you are to use a head lice comb, ensure it is soaked and cleaned before using it on any other heads. Whatever you do, don't chuck it away as it could come in handy in the future.

Electric Head Lice Comb

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Electric Head Lice Comb
In addition to the metal and plastic head lice comb, there are also a range of electric head lice combs available. These products are a lot more expensive, must be used on dry hair and not all are recommended for people who suffer from epilepsy, heart disease or those with a pace maker. An electric head lice comb may be a novelty to children but there are so many different types, it may be worth looking for reviews before spending lots of money (potentially unnecessarily). Whilst you want to make the nit picking experience as fun as possible for your kids, the most important aspect is detection and elimination. You can purchase an electronic head lice comb at the majority of high street pharmacies.



Metal Head Lice Comb
One of the main uses for a head lice comb is to help with 'bug busting' (which involves the hair being slightly wet, so an electric comb can't be used). The hair should be thoroughly washed first with a normal shampoo, damp dried with a towel, then a small amount of conditioner added to make the hair slippery. Brush out any knots or tangles with your every day brush and then clean/disinfect it. The head lice comb can then be used by separating sections of the hair and (starting at the scalp) drawing the comb through the entire length of the hair. Repeat this all over, taking around 15-20 minutes per head. If you are checking a young child, it may be an idea to position them in front of the TV to prevent any additional fidgeting! For more information on head lice, treatments and remedies please visit our homepage where you'll find lots more useful links!

Thousands of people search to find out about head lice and how to get rid of them. Fortunately there are so many products available on line, you should be able to find what you want without too much of a problem. We hope that you have found this article on the head-lice comb a useful guide and that any questions you may have had have been answered. You will find that this website is a great resource, including this article on Head Lice Comb, whether you are looking to learn more, purchase related products or just seek some quiet information. Men, women and children are all affected by these parasites and we hope you have located the treatment you may need, be it a comb, lotion, cream, medication or shampoo. Treatments and remedies should be sought after quickly and if you have pubic-lice you should seek medical advice so the lice cannot be spread or infect others.

Head Lice Comb

Best Electronic Head Lice Comb

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