Can Black People Get Lice?


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Can Black People Get Lice?
- Yes
The short answer to this question is yes, black people can get lice. However, black people are less likely to catch head lice in certain parts of the world and this could be for many reasons. Before we detail those potential reasons below, we must say that the term 'black people' is a phrase used to describe those of us with dark skin and natural afro hair (but it is the hair part that is most important in answering this question). Black people will therefore include Africans, Black British, Black Canadians, Afro-Asians, African-Americans and Afro-Latinos.

Can Black People Get Lice? - If so, how?
There are over 3000 different species of lice in the world, but it is the head louse (Pediculus humanus capitis), body louse (Pediculus humanus corporis) and pubic louse (Phthirus pubis) that most commonly affect humans - a condition called Pediculosis. For the purpose of this page we will be referencing head lice. Lice are small wingless parasitic insects that feed on our blood and live on our skin (the scalp). With three pairs of legs and claw like grips they crawl through hair and are usually passed between people by head to head contact or the sharing of hair brushes, hats, combs and other infected head gear.

Can Black People Get Lice? - More likely in certain areas of the world
In North America, Canada and the UK black people are less likely to get lice due to their hair structure. The curly, almost elliptical hair shape of natural afro hair that black people have makes it very difficult for the common head louse of these areas to cling on and stay attached. It is not ruled out though, so black people should be just as aware of the risks of head lice (certainly at school) as white people. However, in areas of the world such as Africa, Nigeria and Brazil the head louse has adapted its claws to get a more suitable grip of the hair type and will therefore infest the hair of black people rather than white people.

Do Black People Get Lice?

lice on black people
Can Black People Get Lice? - Prevention with everyday products
Black people also use certain products on their hair that may act as a natural repellent to lice and make their hair a less hospitable place to be. Natural remedies for lice include the use of several oil based products, such as coconut and tea tree (for white and black people). Lice also do not like the use of Vaseline, waxes or pomades in the hair as it makes the hair shaft difficult to grip and if used in 'smothering' can suffocate adult lice. Therefore these ingredients may act as an every day deterrence of head lice for black people.



Can Black People Get Lice? - Education & Control
Although it is less likely for black people to get lice in certain areas of the world, it can not be ruled out. Therefore, educating all children and families (no matter what their color) on what head are, how they are caught, how they are passed on and most importantly how they can be avoided/prevented is very important. Prevention of head lice is a much better route to take than waiting for an infestation to deal with and then spending money out on treatments. Head lice will infest any hair - no matter if it is clean or dirty, so preventative steps should always be taken to avoid catching them.

Can Black People Get Lice? - A useful guide
Thousands of people search to find out about different types of parasites and if black people can catch them. Fortunately there is lots of information on this website and many products available on line, you should be able to find what you want without too much of a problem. We hope that you have found this article on Can Black People Get Lice a useful guide and that any questions you may have had have been answered. You will find that this website is a great resource, including this article on Can Black People Get Lice, whether you are looking to learn more, purchase lice-related products or just seek some quiet information. Black men, women and children can all be affected by lice and we hope you have located the treatment you may need, be it a comb, lotion, cream, medication or shampoo. Lice treatments and remedies should be sought after quickly and if you have pubic-lice you should seek medical advice so the lice cannot be spread or infect others.

Can Black People Get Lice?

Can Black People Get Lice?

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